Carboxyl-activated SepFast 4HF

Carboxyl-activated SepFast 4HF

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Carboxyl-activated SepFast 4HF

Data sheet

Affinity Resins - Biotoolomics Extensive Range

Affinity chromatography is considered by most research professionals as the optimal method of selective adsorption and downstream recovery of a compound from an immobilized ligand. Each of Biotoolomics Affinity Products is specially designed for very specific, hi-performance purification of proteins and related compounds. We offer and extensive range of ligands on several agarose bead platforms.

Included in our range are the following products:

Heparin Resins – Biotoolomics’ Heparin SepFast is an affinity chromatography medium used for the purification of biomolecules that show an affinity to heparin, such as antithrombin III, coagulation factors and other plasma proteins, DNA binding proteins, lipoproteins, protein synthesis factors, enzymes that act on nucleic acids, and steroid receptors. The base matrix is made of cross-linked, porous agarose.

Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) - We supply three types of IMAC resins. They are specifically designed and tailored to suit different protein purification activities (e.g. spin, gravity flow, packed bed, etc.).

Protein A, including salt stable Protein A Endure and Protein A Magnetic resins -Protein A SepFast is a range of affinity chromatography media for the purification of immunoglobulins. The purification power and performance of our resins has been well documented in various antibody purification applications. We offer a standard protein A ligand as well as an alkaline-stable protein A, both immobilized on a highly porous, rigid agarose base matrices.

Protein G, including Protein G Magnetic Resins -Protein G SepFast is a family of affinity resins with protein G immobilized on highly cross-linked agarose beads of various sizes. Protein G binds to the Fc region of IgG from a variety of mammalian species and can be used to isolate and purify classes, subclasses and fragments of immunoglobins from any biological fluid or cell culture medium. Protein G SepFast is extremely useful for isolation of immune complexes.

Protein L - Protein L SepFast is perfect for purification of polyclonal or monoclonal IgG antibodies and binds to human, mouse, rat and pig IgG.

Glutathione Resins - Glutathione SepFast is an affinity chromatography medium used for the rapid one-step purification of Glutathione S-transferase (GST)-tagged proteins. Other Glutathione S-transferases and Glutathione-binding proteins can also be purified with this adsorbent.