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Heparin SepFast

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Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Resins

HIC is a versatile technique and can show high selectivity to individual molecules according to their exposed hydrophobic zones. It is particularly useful for intermediate and final-stage purifications.

Biotoolomics offers three types of HIC resins, designed for the purification of biological molecules based on their hydrophobicity profiles.

Butyl SepFast – having a C4 carbon chain

Phenyl SepFast – having a C6, benzene ring,

Octyl SepFast – having a C8 carbon chain  

Biotoolomics can customize HIC products for specific customer requirements, offering high and low ligand densities, alternate crosslinking levels and different bead sizes to optimize the media for a given separation.

Biotoolomics HIC media gives you:

  • Very high sample loading capacity
  • High separation power
  • Available at all pack sizes from analytical to process scale
  • Chemically stable Agarose base matrix.
  • All versions can be scaled up and produced for GMP use
  • More choices than other suppliers.

HIC Notes: HIC has the advantage of much milder purification conditions compared to commonly used reversed phase chromatography (RPC) processes. Hence biological activity can be maintained in HIC separations unlike RPC operations.

HIC media normally binds at moderate to high salt concentrations. It is therefore logical to place a HIC step after an IEX step where molecules are usually eluted at high salt conditions.