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Mixed Mode Resins

Mixed or multi-modal ligands constitute a new group of products that share the ability to interact with target molecules through multiple types of interactions. In addition to ionic interactions, several other types of interactions are involved such as size exclusion, hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic interaction and p-p interaction. The strength of the individual interactions depends on the overall binding conditions.

Media containing mixed mode ligands possesses selectivities that are different from those of the “traditional” ligands.

Biotoolomics offers a unique variety of products that use mixed mode interactions, including:

MabPolish -   MabPolish is special mixed-mode chromatography media exhibiting strong binding to a broad range of host cell proteins and other impurities but little binding to antibodies (typically >90% yield). MabPolish can be used in flow-through mode to remove impurities from monoclonal antibodies or other antibody materials, at various stages of the antibody purification process.

MabPolish DUO - MabPolish DUO is a class of novel resins with an inert shell in the outer-layer of the bead. The shell has size-exclusion properties that block molecules based on their molecular weights. Impurities smaller than a monoclonal antibody can penetrate the shell and then be captured by the mixed-mode ligand inside the bead. It is a very gentle method with little loss of product.

ViralPolish - BioToolomics developed ViralPolish® chromatography media specifically for virus purification; Comprising dual layer agarose beads with an inert external shell with tightly controlled pore size and internal polyfunctional ligands for rapid high capacity binding of impurities. This media is ideal for rapid clean-up, either as a first step or as a second step, to purify virus particles.

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