CNBr-activated SepFast 4HF

CNBr-activated SepFast 4HF

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CNBr-activated SepFast 4HF

Data sheet

Size Exclusion Chromatography / Gel Filtration

SepFast gel filtration media is specially designed for excellent resolution and high recovery of biological molecules based on their molecular weights. Gel filtration (or called size exclusion chromatography) is a proven technique, which is widely used for molecular separations based on the size of the molecule.

We offer a wide range of SEC/GF products created to cover a variety of separation requirements. Our range includes:

SepFast SEC 1-10KDa media

SepFast SEC 3-70KDa media

SepFast SEC 6-600KDa media

SepFast SEC 6-5000KDa media

We also have available the following resins for SEC purposes:

SepFast CL-2B; SepFast 4B; SepFast CL-4B; SepFast 4 High Flow; SepFast 6B;  SepFast CL-6B; SepFast 6 High Flow;

We also have Desalting Columns, as follows:

SepFast 1ml and 5ml - Dextran G-25 fine chromatography resin is prepacked to 1 ml and 5 ml ready to use columns for general desalting use

SepFast 1000-6000KDa Desalting Columns – offered in 1ml, 5ml and 26/10 column formats

Superspin Desalter - Based on size exclusion chromatography principles, crosslinked neutral polysaccharide particles with very small pores are packed into spin tubes for rapid desalting and / or buffer exchange.